New Program!




Personal Coaching and Group Instruction for Seniors Who Don’t Drive


(Replaces Silver Streak Transportation Program)



Our new "Transit Tutors" program is designed to provide both individualized and group education about transportation options that best fit your needs.

​This program replaces our Silver Streak Transportation Program, which is ending on November 30, 2018, after 10 years of providing rides for Orange County seniors and people with disabilities. It has been an honor to provide transportation to you and we thank you for being part of our decade-long journey.


There are many new transportation options in Orange County since we started Silver Streak, and our goal now is to provide education and plannig on how to access those options, especially where they involve using technology.


Although we will be discontinuing rides as of November 30, we are here to help you find and use other transportation options. Beginning on November 15, you can contact us for a personalized one-to-one consultation about how to access alternate transportation as part of our new Transit Tutors program.


Transit Tutors Program Overview


Consult with a Transit Tutor by Phone (Starting November 15, 2018)

A transit tutor will consult with you on the phone about your transportation needs, giving you the best options given your specific circumstances. 

Call 949.387.1922


In-Person Coaching (Starting December 1, 2018)

A transit tutor will meet with you in the setting of your choice to provide assistance in locating, signing up for, and using alternate forms of transportation. The tutor can help you fill out applications, learn how to use ride sharing services, and can even accompany you on a ride.


Transportation Workshops

(To book a transportation workshop at your site, contact Terri Moses at 949.435.3460)



Our transit experts are available to give group presentations tailored to specific audiences or geographic regions. Among the topics available are:


Getting Around In Orange County without a Car

Learn about the many transportation options for OC Seniors. Each option has different application requirements and procedures, so sometimes it can be confusing.This workshop can be customized by city.


Family Conversations About Driving

Explore ways to approach a family member who you think isn’t safe on the road. 


Driving Safely for Longer

Discover what you can do to compensate for some of the natural effects of age on your driving. 


Sell Your Car and Use the Money to Buy Your Freedom

Learn about the economics of selling your car and getting everything to come to you...including rides.





Transitioning from Driving  (1-, 2-, or 3-Session Workshop)

Transitioning from driving is a major life change that is very difficult to adjust to.  In this group, we will discuss feelings related to reduced independence and the frustration of not being able to get up and go somewhere at a moments notice. We will develop strategies for maintaining social connections and leading an active lifestyle by making adjustments to long-held patterns of doing things. We might even take a trip together.




Orange County Referral Guide for Older Roadway Users

This guidebook is a comprehensive resource for all your transportation needs. It includes information on all local transportation programs, as well as driving safety, equipment to make your car safer, driving assessment, transitioning from driving, and other important topics. Download the Guide here.



Coming soon...Orange County Transportation Providers Guide



Driving Resources


Family Conversations About Driving


Having a conversation with a spouse, parent or grandparent about dangerous driving is very difficult. Most people are afraid to confront the subject with loved ones because of strong emotions attached to the subject. They don’t even know where to start. Fortunately, there are some great resources on how to have a conversation about this difficult subject. Here is where to look:


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For more information on JFFS’s civil rights program, and the procedures to file a complaint, contact Andy Breslow at 949.435.3460, ext. 294, or visit our administrative office at 1 Federation Way, Suite 220, Irvine, CA  92603.  For more information, visit our website at

A complainant may file a complaint directly with the Federal Transit Administration by filing a complaint with the Title VI Program Coordinator, FTA Office of Civil Rights, East Building, 5th Floor-TCR, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, Washington, DC  20590.

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