South County Outreach and Engagement Program


JFFS  Family Services provides senior services with a larger South County Outreach and Engagement Collaborative funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency. The goal of services is to prevent mental health issues among older adults through outreach, education engagement, case management, referrals and linkages.


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The following services are provided by JFFS Family Services through this program:  


Mental Health Consultation to Faith and Housing Communities

A JFFS senior service professional serves as a resource and triage agent for seniors referred from faith and senior housing communities in south Orange County, providing:
•    Behavioral  health assessment and screening
•    Case consultation
•    Problem solving
•    Crisis intervention and advocacy
•    Brief counseling and case management
•    Linkage to community resources
•    Warm hand-off to higher level mental health services and supports
•    Development of service plans that utilize the peer support of faith and housing communities.  


Community Education

Community workshops are available on various topics of interest to older adults, including 
Elder Abuse and Fraud, Senior Transportation, Financial Planning, and POLST. Customized workshops can be arranged that are tailored to groups of seniors facing similar issues.


Community Engagement

Engagement programming is focused on involving seniors as leaders, volunteers and participants in meaningful activities that promote physical and  emotional health, social connections, cognitive stimulation, and access to resources. Activities take place in local housing developments, and include things like social nutrition programming, technology training, brain fitness classes, incentivized physical fitness, ESL, fall prevention training, senior gardens and more. Seniors themselves promote public health messages and provide peer support for healthy lifestyle changes. 


The South County Outreach and Engagement Collaborative


The larger South County collaborative serves individuals of all ages in South Orange County. Our collaborative partners are Western Youth Services, Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Alliance and Mission Hospital.