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  • A Jewish Residential Home for adults with special needs.
  • All Ethnicities
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  • Thank You Adeline!

    This site is dedicated to the memory of Adeline Cohen whose vision of how to live fully has been our inspiration and guiding light.

    Lean More how Adeline's vision has inspired us!

    We dedicate our website to
    Adeline Cohen
    whose vision of how to live fully has been our inspiration and guiding light.
  • All Ethnicities
    All Faiths
    All People
  • All Ethnicities
    All Faiths
    All People

Who We Are

We are the social service arm of Jewish Federation & Family Services, Orange County. Providing an array of services across the age range to over 4,700 individuals and families each year in Orange County.

Our Mission

Guided by Jewish traditions of social responsibility, compassion, and respect for all, we provide exceptional human services that support and strengthen people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Upcoming Events


  • TrueNeighbors Village Helps Seniors with Tough Household Tasks

    Sometimes chores to maintain a home can feel overwhelming. Now imagine you had trouble walking or carrying heavy loads. That’s why many older Irvine residents are glad to see helpers from the TrueNeighbors Village come their way. Several times a year, an energetic group rolls up their sleeves to help with some of the more tough home chores as part of a broad effort by TrueNeighbors Village to help older residents continue to live safe and vibrant lives. Want to help? Contact Stephanie Chappell at schappell@jffs.org or (949) 435-3460.

  • New Support Group for Caregivers of Seniors with Dementia

    Dates: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, starting Sept 3rd
    Time/Cost: 10:00 – 11:30 / $15 per session
    Where: 1 Federation Way, Family Services Group Room
    Pre-Registration a Must!
    Contact: Nadine Durbach, MSW, at 949-435-3460, 356 or Nadine@jffs.org.

  • Mandel House, a Labor of Love

    Hundreds of community members have participated in a heartwarming joint effort of refurbishing and furnishing the Mandel House, a new residential home offering adults with disabilities an independent, community-based, group living environment that meets their unique needs and helps them remain active in Jewish life. Pictured here are volunteers from the JFFS Young Leadership Division, who helped to landscape the home.


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Social services for Holocaust survivors have been supported by a grant from
the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

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